Did iPhone sell us the Brooklyn Bridge?

Liquid Cooled Phone Tim cook the CEO of Apple Inc. Limited came in to support the idea that the Phone particularly Phone X’s the leading category in sales than all the others. Over the years, Phone has among the leading unique mobile device vendors, if not the top. This can be attributed to its extraordinary marketing tactics, the unique mobile devices and the hype that comes with its exclusivity due to its unique operating system, i0S. The idea of introducing the liquid cooled Phone has been a matter of debate over time It leaves questions in the minds of many such us; could it be a marketing tactic to boost sales? Is it worth all the hype? Is it one of the sales gimmick just to attract attention?

poisoned Apple EWe’ve all heard this rumor before, like somebody trying to sell you something that simply cannot be obtained. And many people believe that Phone uses clever tricks to get people to buy their products. A growing number of experts claim that Phone has taken over the imagination of many people rather than the function it has come to be known for. Research indicates that people are amazed by the design of iPhone, but they feel that it is always over-hyped. For instance, several reviews indicate that the iPhone X was way more exaggerated before its official release. Some people feel that the starting price of $1000 is way too expensive and they do not see a major difference from the other Smartphone except for its extra sleek design. In fact, other people preferred other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, despite the fact it’s half the cost and does much more!

The liquid cooled iPhone is designed to work in such a way that it dissipates heat using a liquid carbon cooling system. Advancement in technology brought up better systems which do not necessarily need advanced cooling systems such as fans. Of course, it is unimaginable that a person would go walking around with external fans strapped on their phones. That would be a major drawback in the history of technological advancement! The liquid cooled Phone serves a great deal since it is efficient in controlling heat with less cost to the battery life. Liquid cooling systems account to the efficiency of any computerized device. Then again- if you believe that, there’s a certain Loch Ness monster that has been confirmed to be real!

In as much, Apple Inc. manages to sell the iPhone using their wonderful marketing tricks so much- that many people have come to the realization of which, the Phones are just Over Hyped. This was ultimately depicted in the recent launch of the iPhone X. However the claims- that it’s true that the phone offers an amazing feature, but how much fact is behind it? For instance, the water carbon cooling feature is said to reduce heat dissipation, however, various tests prove otherwise.

Various studies conducted on the validity of the liquid cooled Phone indicate that the feature only worked to a certain extent. Apparently, a lot of people use their Phone or any other smartphone to play online games. These games consumes a lot of RAM and could also overheat these phones as well. For example, whenever you play adventure or story driven type games, you would not like it much if you were distracted by the phone freezing up or losing the game's score or points. A phone hanging in the middle of a game would be a complete disaster to any person enjoying the game. But there is a silver lining to this gaming glitch. At least this does not affect online slot games that have animation and or effects using the latest HTML5 format, which does not overwork the phone. HTML5 is the same code which gives a description of web pages and also allows for the replacement of Flash driven software. The type of online slot games which use HTML5 include classic slots, video slots and even progressive jackpot slots. The gambling industry hugely relies on HTML5 to run effectively so players using a tablet or smartphone are given the full gaming experience without missing a beat. In that case, the liquid cooled iPhone is perfectly fine for that purpose. Who says you can’t have a win-win situation in that case?

So How Real Is It?

The concept of a liquid cooled Phone is a smart idea. However, the doubt lies in whether the smartphone will work effectively by using the liquid cooling system as claimed. For that matter, we might as well be looking to Elon Musk to complete his bullet train subway. The doubts tend to arise, especially with the assumption of people; that iPhone uses gimmicks to lure the public to buy its products simply because they promise the sky. The overtly optimistic marketing strategies from Apple are unique in their own way and they have been proven over the years to provide a fine product, however those were the old days when iPhone worked well. The product description of iPhone X before the big launch made people curious and therefore, buying it- you could experience those amazing features. In fact a recent test between three models including the Galaxy Note 8 and 9 and of course iPhone X. Among the three- no surprise at all, the iPhone X failed in every test to run cooler than the other two Samsung models.