The problem with multiple game monitors

multi-screens BIf you are a lover of games like me, especially if you prefer using multiple screens, you probably have encountered a challenge or two along the way. As advantageous as multi-monitors can be, they also come with their own disadvantages. This article focuses on the challenges one can face while playing games on multiple monitors and how they can be surmounted. Why Multiple Monitors Before we focus on the cons of multi-screens, let's acknowledge that the space they avail to gamers gives them an unrivaled gaming experience. For instance, in situations where the horizonatal landscape is of more concern than the vertical view, multiple monitors come in handy in enlarging the view of the character in a game, making it more realistic. For a game like World of Wars, the gamer takes on the role of the on-screen avatar with the ability to control the avatar's actions, which include fighting and exploration, among others.

For such a game, multi-screens greatly enhance the experience of the gamer. With multiple monitors, you are also able to explore the same game more conveniently than on one screen without losing track of the game. The Cons Using multiple monitors increases both the horizontal and vertical views. Increase in the horizontal view is good for the gamer as it enables him to view a number of instances. We cannot say the same of the vertical view, whose increase is quite uncomfortable for you, the gamer. This is actually the main challenge with using multiple screens. Resource distribution and utilization is the other major challenge. If you utilize the resources of one video card for all the screens, you may experience reduced performance from the processor, and even the video memory When the processor slows down, it denies you the opportunity to enjoy the game optimally. One may also consider minimization as a challenge. This usually occurs when you engage other monitors besides the primary monitor. The game on the primary monitor is minimized unnecessarily when this happens.

What to Do Fortunately, if you are tech savvy, some of the challenges can be surmounted, one which is minimization. If finding a desktop solution is a problem, try a third party, like Actual Multiple Monitors, application to surmount this challenge. As for the slowing down of the processor, you may opt for multiple video cards as well This if you don't want to compromise the quality of your game experience. Using multiple video cards means that there is no strain on the processor and memory. This maintains or enhances performance, assuring you you of your optimal enjoyment. Conclusion Multiple monitors are awesome to use while gaming. However, like every technology, they come with their challenges. Some of these problems can be surmounted, while others are negligible and cannot prevent you from enjoying the game. Technology is ever on a roll, so you have to keep abreast with the latest development in this regard so you are not left behind. Technological revolution has a way of dealing with prevailing tech challenges, sooner or later.